Hygienic Tube

Hygienic Stainless Steel Tube EN10357 A270

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Product Specification

Zenith offers a full range of hygienic tube according to US 3A ASTM A270, EN 10357 / EN 10217 7 (formally DIN 11850), and in 304 & 316L stainless steel.

Typical finishes include: polished OD and unpolished ID, polished OD and polished ID and unpolished OD and ID is also available.

Weld ends are cut at 90 degrees’ offering superior orbital and manual weldability.

Polished tube is supplied in plastic sleeves with capped ends to protect the tube and the OD finish. We supply un-annealed tube and annealed tube. Tubes have a smooth clean and crevice free bore.

Sanitary Tube A270 EN 10357 Technical Information:

• Diameters: BS-US – 1/2″ OD – 8″ OD, DN 10-DN150. SMS 25MM-104MM – and ISO 2037- 12.7MM – 10MM
• Supplied in 20 ft lengths, 6 meter lengths.
• OD Finish: Brushed Polished OD/Unpolished ID. Polished OD and ID. Weld bead removed.

•Internal Bore: Tubes have a smooth, clean and crevice free

• Materials: Available in AISI 304 (1.4301) and 316L(1.4404) stainless steel.
• Surface Finish: 180 grit – 20 µ-in Ra max ID and 150 grit 32 µ-in Ra max OD or as per customer requirements.

•Technical terms and conditions of delivery comply with EN10217-7

•Test Class according to EN10217-7

•Auto Laser Weld Inspection during

Quality Assurance – Technical Standards & Certificates:

• Exceeds 3A standards for Sanitary process applications.

•Full material traceability is guaranteed during the manufacturing process.

•Exceeds requirements for all applicable standards EN, DIN, BS, ASME, ASTM.

•Certification: All tube can be supplied with EN 10204 3.1 certification Material Test Reports (MTR’s) upon request.

•AD2000, ASME. ASTM, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001-45001, EN10312, PED 2014.68.EU.

Stainless Steel Tube ASTM A270, EN 10357 Test Procedures

• Auto Laser Weld Inspection during production.

• Verification of test certificate.

• Verification of Dimensions.

• 100% visual inspection (Q1 & Q2).

• Eddy Current Testing (ECT).

• Surface Roughness Measurements.

• Corner Cut Angle Measurements.

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