Hygienic ASME BPE Tube & Fittings

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Product Specification

Zenith ASME BPE fittings are ideal for Bioprocessing and Pharmaceutical applications requiring mechanically polished surface finishes to 20 Ra min (0.5 Ra mm) ID maximum and 32 Ra min (0.8Ra mm) OD maximum.

Zenith ASME BPE Tubes exceed the requirements of the ASME BPE-2016 specification on dimensions and tolerances and fully meet the ASME BPE-2016 specification for OD and ID surface finishes. The electropolished tube is to 15 Ra min max (0.38 mm) ID.

MATERIAL IDENTIFICATION & TRACEABILITY: All Zenith Stainless Solutions BPE Fittings are permanently marked with the material heat number, size, grade and the surface finish designation, or material identification number, depending on the size of the fitting. These numbers allow complete traceability of all component material back to the original material supplier. 100% inspection.

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