BSP Ball Valves , Fittings and Flanges

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Product Specification

BSP Ball Valves: A comprehensive range of BSP ball valves are available including: One piece/Two piece/Three piece ball Valve with a variety of ends (F/F, Butt weld, Socket weld, Long butt weld.) Available in 304 or 316.

Bsp Fitting: In addition a comprehensive range of BSP fittings are available covering Elbows, Tees, Crosses, Unions, Reducing Tees, Nipples, Reducing Sockets, Bushings, Hose Nipples, Welding Nipples, Round Caps, Plugs, Sockets, And Compression Fittings. Available in 304 or 316.

Flanges: A large Range of flanges are Available including – BS10 Table “E” – where corrosion resistance and/or hygiene, rather than high pressures and temperatures, are the primary considerations. Available in 304 or 316.

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