Zenith Stainless Solutions assists companies achieve significant cost savings in the purchase of Hygienic Stainless Steel Tubes, Valves and Fittings.

We are particularly focused on supplying the distributor market.

With over 40 years of demonstrated leadership in the design manufacture and supply of products to the hygienic fluids handling industries, we have developed highly effective supply chain solutions to support our customers worldwide. With our proven solutions, we can reduce the total cost of ownership for our customers. We will always deliver your orders in full and on time.

“Experts in providing solutions for all your Hygienic Stainless Steel requirements”

Dedicated Sales and Service:

Zenith is your single source supplier for complete packages of Stainless Steel Hygienic Tube, Hygienic Valves and Hygienic Fittings for all your Hygienic processing requirements. We have a dedicated and highly experienced team who will provide you with expert and professional service at all times.

Industries Served:

Zenith understands that each segment of our industry has unique Stainless Steel requirements.

Zenith meets and exceeds these stringent requirements.

• Food,
• Dairy,
• Brewing,
• Micro-Brewing,
• Distilling,
• Water,
• Pharmaceutical,
• Biotechnology,
• Cosmetics,
• Biomedical,
• OEM Equipment Manufacturers,
• General Pipework Industry.
• Water Treatment Plants.
• Petrochemical.
• Gas

Our Product Range:

We offer a comprehensive range of products which includes:

• Hygienic Tubes – to 3A A270, DIN 11850 / EN 10217-7/ EN 10357, ASME BPE.
• Hygienic Butterfly Valves, Actuators, Non-Return Valves, Sight Glasses, Sampling Valves.
• Hygienic Ball Valves and Actuators.
• Hygienic Unions – 3A, RJT, IDF, SMS, DIN, Clamp, Ferrules, Blanks.
• Hygienic Bends, Tees, Reducers to BS, DIN, SMS and ASME BPE standards.
• Pipe Hangers, Spray Balls, Spanners.
• Hygienic Filters and Pump Strainers.
• BSP 150 lb fittings, BSP Ball Valves.
• Hygienic Fabrications – Bespoke items
• Stainless Steel Box section, Flats, Round, Angles, Flanges.
• Metric tube and fittings.
• Manway Covers.
• Tank Fittings.
• Interlock Hose Fittings, Couplings and Adaptors.

Products and Materials:

• All our products meet International standards including US3A BS, SMS, DIN, ISO and ASME BPE.
• Our products are available in Stainless Steel grades 304, 316, 316L – 1.4301, 1.4404.
• Our Valves and Fittings are produced from Forgings to ensure the highest level of integrity and material traceability.
• We can provide full material certification and traceability on all products.

Quality Assurance:

To ensure customer satisfaction we are fully committed to Total Quality. All our factories hold ISO 9001 certification. We can supply BS EN 10204.3.1B material certificates on request. All our products are manufactured from fully traceable material and are fully tested before shipment.

Product Assurance:

Marking – All our tubes, valves and fittings are marked with size, material type and heat number.
Packaging – All our tubes, valves and fittings are individually packed/sleeved to ensure they are maintained to the highest hygienic requirements.
Materials – All our tubes, valves and fittings are carefully selected at source and are inspected using an XRF stainless steel analyser giving superior material detection. The material certification can be fully replied upon.
Traceability – All our tubes, valves and fittings are 100% tested at source and full material certificates are available.
Surface Finishes – All our Valves and Fittings are polished internally and externally as per customers’ requirements. Our standard finish POL OD 1.0 Ra and POL ID 0.8 Ra.
Tolerances – All the tubes, valves and fittings fully adhere to the strict tolerances as set out in relevant industry standards – 3A, BS, EN, DIN, ISO, ASME BPE.
International Standards – All Zenith products fully comply with the international standards used in the hygienic processing industry.