Hygienic Valves 304 316

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About Our Hygienic Valve Range

Zenith Stainless Solutions offers a full range of high quality hygienic valves. Also known as Sanitary Valves.

Our hygienic valves have proven functionality and reliability and are widely used in the worldwide processing industry.

Products Include:

Specifications: Triclamp, US 3A, BS, RJT, SMS, DIN 11851, DIN 32676, ISO.

  • Hygienic Butterfly Valves – Zenith Butterfly Valves have proven functionality and reliability. Designed in 1998, the Zenith valve allows full interchangeability of most valve accessories available on the market today.
  • Hygienic Butterfly Valve Handles – Four different styles of handle are available for manual actuation of butterfly Valves – S/S Pull Handle (4 locking positions), Lever Handle with Notch Plate (12 Positions), Lever Handle (2 Positions), SUREGRIP™ handle with notch plate (12 Positions).
  • Actuators – Air/Spring & Air/Air type pneumatic Actuator for use with Zenith Butterfly Valves. Can be fitted with Inductive Proximity sensors for feedback. Control Box and Micro switches are available.
  • Hygienic Non-Return Valve – Non-Return Valves have proven functionality and reliability. Our unique hygienic design makes it possible to get high flow rates through the valve. The valve is designed for easy assembly/disassembly.
  • Hygienic Sight Glass – Hygienic Sight Glass is designed for easy assemble/disassemble. It utilises PYREX® Borosilicate Glass which offers excellent thermal properties.
  • Hygienic Sanitary Ball Valve – Full Bore 3 piece construction Hygienic Ball Valve with ball encapsulated in a PTFE Liner. Suitable for Pneumatic/ Electrical Actuation mounted on ISO 5211 Flange. Long welding ends
    suitable for Orbital Welding. Available with fittings according to customer requirements:- Flange/Clamp/RJT/IDF/SMS/DIN/ISO/ASA

Valve Maintenance: – Full Valve maintenance instructions available on request

Please see our specifications sheets for further details on our Valves.

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