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Product Specification

Zenith Stainless Sanitary I-line fittings and Q-Line fittings are produced using the latest advanced manufacturing equipment and technologies and quality control systems. This ensures the highest level of integrity and material traceability.

I-Line and Q-Line fittings are used extensively in the Food, Dairy, Brewing, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries. I-Line fittings have a higher tolerance to vibrations, temperatures and pressures. They are designed to allow metal on metal contact which prevents over compression of the gasket. They exceed 3A standards.

These fittings consist of a male, female, gasket and clamp.

We supply a full range of I-line and Q-line fittings from FORGINGS.

  • Size Range: Q-Line Fittings available 1″ OD to 4″ OD available. I-line 1″ OD to 6″ OD available.
  • Material: 304, 316L
  • Specification: I-Line, Q-Line, 3A standard.
  •  We offer 14WI, 14WLI, 14WHI, 15WI, 15WHI, 15WLI, 16AI-14I, 16AI-15I, 14WQ, 14WLQ, 14WHQ, 14HTQ, 16AQ, 2EI, 2FI, 2CI, 2HI, 2KI, 2PI, 7I, 7AI, 7BI, 7EI, 7HI, 9I, 9HI and may more combinations of adaptors.

Please see our specifications sheets for further details on our I-line, Q-Line fittings.

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