Hygienic Y Ball Inline Check Valve

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Product Specification

Zenith Stainless Solutions offers a full range of high quality air/pressure relief valves.

The Zenith Stainless Steel Y ball inline check valve (PART NO. YBCV) provides backflow prevention for stainless steel process lines.

Working Principle:

When liquid under normal pressure enters the inlet of the Zenith Y ball check valve, an elastomeric ball is pushed upward into the “Y” branch (lower pressure area) of the valve.

When the liquid flow stops, the pressure within the valve equalizes, and the ball returns from the “Y” branch of the valve and rests itself against the smaller diameter of the valve near its inlet. Should a reverse flow situation occur, the opposing pressure of the fluid will seat the ball firmly against the inlet of the valve, preventing reverse flow.

The valve operates in both a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Technical Information:

  • Diameters: Available from 1 1/2” – 3” OD.
  • Materials: All wetted parts are manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel. Ball is EPDM.
  • Specification: US 3A, Weld, RJT, DIN, SMS, ISO, IDF.
  • Valve Ends: Tri Clamp, Weld, Male, Female, Threaded.
  • Max Working Pressure: 14bar (200psi) 1 1/2” – 3”.
  • Temperature: – 10 ° C to + 90 ° C (dependent on seal material)
  • Seal Material: EPDM, Silicone (Si), Nitrile (NBR), Viton. Ball – Buna.
  • Surface Finish: ID/OD Brushed polish. ID Ra <0.8 μm, OD Ra <0.6 μm

Please see our specifications sheets for further details on our Valves.

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