Hygienic Tank Vent Breather Valve

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Product Specification

Zenith Stainless Solutions offers a full range of high quality hygienic tank vent/breather valves.

The Zenith Stainless Steel Hygienic Tank vent/breather valve is used to relieve pressure or vacuum when product filling or evacuation in a tank.

Operating principle:

When pressure in the tank increases above the external atmospheric pressure the valve automatically opens and vents air to the atmosphere.

When vacuum increases in the tank or vessel the piston inside the valve opens automatically and draws air into the tank resulting in atmospheric equalization inside and outside the tank/vessel.

Technical Information:

  • Diameters: Available from 1.5” – 3” OD.
  • Materials: Manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Seal Material: Standard: Silicone Optional: Viton/EPDM.
  • Bushing: Delrin Specification: US3A.
  • Valve Ends: Clamp.
  • Nominal Pressure: Vacuum Break: 0.9 PSI Positive Pressure: 1 PSI – Pre-set at factory.
  • Temperature: 14 ° F to + 285 ° F  (-10 C – +140 C)
  • Flow Capacity: 1.5” –2” 250 gpm, 2.5”–3”550 gpm /3” 540 gpm, 4” Jumbo 1100 gpm.
  • Surface Finish: ID/OD mirror polish. ID Ra <0.6 μm (25 μ inch).

Please see our specifications sheets for further details on our Valves.

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