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Product Specification

Zenith Stainless Steel Air Blow Check Valves (PART NO. ABCV) are designed to clean lines of product or Clean in Place solutions and provide air movement to product in either a tank or other form of vessel.

Working Principle: 

Filtered air enters the adapter (A) and exerts pressure on the valve plug assembly (B), causing it to move for- ward and unseat. The filtered air passes through the valve and around the valve plug assembly (B), entering the pipeline or tank.

Main Applications:

  •  Zenith Air Blow Check Valves are designed to evacuate lines of product or CIP solutions.
  • Fail Safe Operation: – backflow of product or CIP solution prevented by simple air to open, spring to close operation.
  • Also used for air agitation of product in tanks and other vessels.

It is recommended to use the air blow check valve to evacuate the lines of product or CIP solution and to clamp it on the end of the “Y” branch of our ball check valve, rather than install it in the line.

Technical Information:

  • Diameters: Available from 1.5”- 4 1/2”.
  • Materials: All wetted parts are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel.
  • Seal Material: EPDM, Viton.
  • Valve Ends: Clamped end from stock c/w three options – Air Quick Coupler, Hose Nozzle/Barb Adaptor or NPT Tapped Hole.
  • Max Working Pressure: 8 (116 psi) – 10bar (140psi) depending on clamp used.
  • Temperature: -10 C – +140 C Surface Finish: ID/OD mirror polish. ID Ra <0.8 μm Ra.

Please see our specifications sheets for further details on our Valves.

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